They say travel is the road to wisdom. The more you travel the more you learn. Everyone who loves to travel or has travelled knows it well that the most minimalistic approach is what makes travelling easy. So, in the era where travelling with hard cash has become old school, it goes without saying that travelling with credit card is the new fashion. Travelling with credit cards has several advantages of which everyone is aware of. Starting from your shopping to paying any bills for that matter credit cards has no alternative.

However, there is a threat of which you should be always aware of. It is definitely the credit card theft. Credit card theft is the most common theft that the travelers face. Since, you generally keep your guards down during travelling, it is likely that you lose that one thing which you definitely carry everywhere, your credit card.

So, the next time you plan a trip make sure that you take necessary precautions to keep your credit card safe and not be the easy targets of the credit card thieves. Also, there are certain things that you should follow or rather maintain in order to safeguard your plastic-friend while travelling. Some certain things are discussed below:

  • Avoid unsecure Wi-Fi and networks: 

In this era of technology one of the basic necessities that we demand for is a free Wi-Fi network. It is not always possible to have an authentic Wi-Fi connection. Even if you have wifi access the signal strengths might be troublesome or they maybe password secured. So, while raveling if your mobile data betrays you, you tend to seek refuge to open or free Wi-Fi connections.

Well, this is one of the most deadly practices while you travel. It is understandable that constant internet connection is needed but at times through this unauthentic free Wi-Fi, the hackers hack your confidential and even your credit card details.

So, the next time you try to get connected to a free Wi-Fi check if your device is allowing the source or not. If not, then try not to sign in to avoid such mishaps. This way you will end up saving all your personal documents along with your credit card.

  • Delete every history and cookie: 

The advents of technology and internet have made people aware of several applications and also have opened up the majority of the world in front of the eye. The apps and the websites are both useful for people while on the other hand affects the society too.

We usually do not log out from all the social media applications that we use on our devices, especially those that we need on a daily basis. For example, the people who pay bills and do a lot of bank transactions through net banking through websites. They neither log out from their account nor delete the cookies and the browsing history.

This is how sometimes you lead your plastic friend to damnation. Any person who uses your phone will be able to access all your personal information and also will have your credit card details. Thus, if it a wrong person, you lose a lot of money without even figuring out how. There is another potential risk of losing your phone. In such a condition, you are definitely at a loss. So, try hard to void such carelessness and be a bit protective about your belongings.

  • Be choosy about public network connections: 

It is better to avoid any public network connection. It is because several types of people can access that network. If you are travelling you might not know that place in details and the type of people reside in that area. If you using the same open network as the others, there are chances that you become easy target for the hackers and they through certain malwares gather all your personal information or hacks your phone in such a neat way that you would not even guess a single thing.

At the end of it, you will not just be losing out the private stuff that were stored in your phone also lose your confidential like credit and debit card details, license number and other important assets you thought were safe.

  • Spending alert every time your expenditure exceeds a certain amount:

There are times when you carry more than one card while you are travelling. In such times it is not possible for you or anyone else for that matter to check what amount have been spend. Such a time, it is very difficult for you to figure if your card has been in hacked or is being misused. To prevent such a problem and also to have a close monitoring on your expenditure it is better to set an alert on every credit card after a certain amount.

  • Remember your credit card number:

It is very important for you to remember your credit card number. Well, it might seem as an absurd idea but it is not. The maximum credit card thefts are possible due to negligence of the owners and because they do not know the number of the card. If you know your card number it will be easy for you to block the number or report about the theft to the credit card helpline.

Also, never give away your credit cards to waiters or any other person while paying off the bills. Always ask the person to do it in front of you. It may happen so that the waiter or the person takes away your card and notes down the essentials or runs away with it. You might never get hold of such a treachery but would penalize you enough.

Such negligence of the daily life makes the plastic-buddy of yours to fall a prey in hands of such cheaters and thieves. So, the next time you travel or pay bills on the way of your travelling, do not forget to learn by heart the numbers of your card and ask for the swipe machine to the table.

  • Watch every minute details of the card transactions:

You should definitely take care of your credit card while you are travelling but it is even important for you to monitor that after you return from a trip. Well, it goes without saying that you would not make your monitor so visible that you end up drawing attention of people and intrigue their interest in knowing what you are safeguarding.

It is for you to know and remember that there are smart thieves who would prefer to steal your personal information and confidential instead of your card. However, you will be unaware of this fact as the person would not use it immediately. However, they will do it eventually.

When they will do, you will be losing a lot of money and you will have no calculations or knowledge about how or where have those sum of money spent on. So, it is very important for you to monitor your credit card expenses closely after you are back from trip. It is of utmost importance to let file complain if you witness any suspicious transactions.

These are few steps that you must follow while travelling with your credit cards. For more details about credit cards check