All governments collect taxes from their citizens. This is a crucial process that lets Government function. It spends the taxed money on various things that benefit the nation as a whole. There are many fields that Government needs to step up and perform services that can not be left on to private organizations. Let’s take an example, maintaining an armed border force is essential to a country. Who would you rather have it controlled by? If an elected government is the preferred administrator, who will pay the salaries of the Army men? Thus, the government needs to maintain a standing coffer. And the only effective way to build this is through a tax system that’s just and realistic.

There are many such expenses that Government has to take care of. We pay taxes so that Government can work efficiently. The Government taxes us on many levels. It taxes the companies for the profit they make. We also pay indirect taxes on the consumption of products and services. But the biggest tax bracket that most people worry about is that of Income Tax. Why? Well, the cost of living is a substantial problem for everyone and savings on taxes is not a wrong move/.


There are various tax saving schemes that can be employed by the citizens of India. Nobody wants to pay large taxes. That’s just human nature. We all are looking to save money on our taxes. The government of India levies a tax on our income. Everyone falls under one of the income tax slabs imposed by the government. There are multiple tax saving options offered by government and private organizations to help you save money. Let’s take a look:



  1. Tax Saving Fixed Deposit

This is a special kind of Fixed Deposit. This FD is similar in most functionality. The investors are not allowed to make any untimely withdrawal from the scheme. The funds can not be withdrawn for a minimum period of five years. The great thing about this scheme is that interest earned on Tax Saving Fixed Deposits is completely tax-free! The investors enjoy the luxury of Peace of Mind and also avail Maximum Benefits.


  1. PPF – Public Provident Funds

The government provides another great tax haven in the form of a Provident Fund, known as Public Provident Fund. Any individual can park his or her income in a PPF account. It is probably the most secured investment present out there. You can draw maximum tax savings using this with the additional benefit of safety. This is because PPF is backed by the Indian Government. Almost every bank in India provides the PPF facility to its customers. The interest paid out on the PPF account is not taxed by the Government as well.

  1. EPF – Employee Provident Fund

In every private organization, employers must maintain an Employee Provident Fund for every individual. Under this fund, the employers must subtract 12% of the salaries of the employee and parks it in EPF. At the same time, the employer makes the same contribution to the individual EPF account of the employee. This investment is eligible for tax deduction. EPF is another great schemes. It remains one of the safest bet as the funds remain parked with the Government of India.

  1. NPS – National Pension Scheme

National Pension Scheme is another great option that can be used to protect yourself from the heat of the tax. Any investor can put any amount of money in this scheme, based entirely on their preference and convenience. In the NPS scheme, the minimum lock-up period of the funds is for over 3 years. If you think you are going to require your funds prior to the completion of the stipulated time period, you can opt for the dividend option. This option offers you tax-free dividends.